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Adapt your SAP BW and SAP BO

When employees in your organization need authorization for SAP BW and SAP BO, the authorization orders must be executed in both tools.
Wanneer u dit voor sommige gebruikers moet doen, is het werk beperkt. Als u echter voor veel gebruikers een verzoek ontvangt, zou het prettig zijn als dit proces vereenvoudigd kan worden.

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The journey from Philips to IBCS

In 2011, we started a multi-year business transformation initiative calledAccelerate! to implement our new business model, aiming to work much more efficiently through standardization. We noticed that everyone in the company had their own version of the truth, through their own graphs and tables, in their "own" Excel files.

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Video: IBCS SUCCESS-regels

In this video we explain more about the IBCS rule: Simplify. Components that are too complicated, superfluous, distracting or decorative should be avoided. We explain it with some examples.

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Effective perception of information

Researchers from universities: University of Applied Science Upper Austria, Saïd Business School - University of Oxford and Modul University Vienna have conducted research in recent years. They observed both professionals and students studying business administration in a laboratory setting.

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The "insights" of SAC Smart

Wouldn't it be great to have a tool ready to perform our hard correlations searches and come up with the clearest insights available? Well, SAP states that the Smart Discovery add on of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is such an innovation. But is it really? Are those analyses of high quality? I was happy to put that to the test.

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SAP Analytics Cloud is IBCS® certified

This fits perfectly with our vision to help people make better and faster business decisions. Our approach to becoming IBCS certified had a usability perspective with the goal of enabling our self-service users to build IBCS compliant presentations as easily as possible.

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IBCS standards in Data Science.

With more and more companies investing time (and money) in Data Science, it's the perfect time to see what standards in visualizations can do for Data Science. You need to take the viewer by the hand, showing him or her the aspects of what you've discovered, without having to explain to him or her how to read the report.

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IBCS Dutch User Group Roundtable

A successful session with several companies using IBCS, such as Philips and PostNL. This roundtable we had the following agenda: -Highlights of the IBCS congress
-Philips reis naar IBCS
-De wetenschappelijke impact van de Succesregels met betrekking tot de verbetering van de perceptie
-Ronde tafel discussie

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Driving your business with passion

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