Knowledge development is important and is a continuous process. Not only knowledge about tooling, but also about concepts and skills. Knowledge is also essential to be able to innovate well. To successfully embed our solutions in the organization, we find it important to share our knowledge. That is why we also provide and/or facilitate training.

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a start but no end

First following trainings

JUGO provides various training courses. IBCS® training and workshop, ROKS Yellowbelt KPI. Let our "International Business Communication Standard" (IBCS®) trainer explain why large companies like SAP and PHILIPS work with this SUCCESS formula, waarom grote bedrijven als SAP, KPN en PHILIPS met deze SUCCESS-formule werken,

IBCS Courses

IBCS® Certified Analyst

02 December 2022
Bundle of SUCCESS training and the workshop at reduced price.

IBCS | Solid, outlined, hatched

30 September 2034
Learn the whys and wherefores of the consistent IBCS reporting format and learn how to apply it to your charts and tables. For managers, analysts and dashboard designers.
Other courses

2 soorten trainingen

IBCS® Certified Analyst

Het IBCS® Certified Analyst Training is een tweedaagse training. Deze bevat de SUCCESS-training en een workshop. Op dag één worden deelnemers aan de hand van voorbeelden op de hoogte gebracht van het gebruik van IBCS in de praktijk door middel van de SUCCESS formule. 

Op de volgende twee dagen wordt deze theorie verdiept aan de hand van diverse (groeps) opdrachten en business cases. Je gaat echt zelf aan de slag!

Na het afronden van deze training, kan het online examen voor IBCS® certifed analyst worden afgelegd.

ROKS Masterclass

A one-day training given by Bernie Smith where the unique and powerful KPI design method, the 'Result Orientated KPI System' (ROKS) is applied to KPI selection and design. The workshop covers all seven steps of the methodology (from Strategy to KPI Go-live). Each step is introduced, illustrated with real examples and anecdotes, and supported by case studies and exercises.

Why a training?

It seems a simple question. A training course is more than just the acquisition of knowledge. Training courses and workshops offer new knowledge and insights that help you take the next step. 

What are the benefits? You may consider a training course to be a cost, but we see it as an in-depth investment. Knowledge has and keeps its value and helps to innovate. Even if it is not directly applicable, there will always be elements that are immediately visible.

JUGO heeft als enige IBCS service provider een door het IBCS-instituut gecertificeerde trainer in huis. Daarom zijn we overtuigd van dat onze trainingen toegevoegde waarde hebben om met u te delen. Zo vormen we samen een BI-platform.

Mocht je zelf kennis willen delen? Dan nodigen wij je graag uit. 

IBCS® courses

Purpose of the course

Het belangrijkste doel van de training is het presenteren van een universeel design van standaarden voor (management)rapportages, dashboards en (mondelinge) presentaties, om succesvol te kunnen rapporteren en presenteren. Op deze manier worden vragen van de ontvanger direct beantwoord. 

Dit seminar behandelt hoe informatie (kennis) moet worden overgedragen en gaat niet in op specifieke inhoud voor rapportages of presentaties. Er worden talloze voor-en-na voorbeelden behandeld uit de praktijk.

IBCS® Certified Analyst

To become an IBCS® Certified Analyst te worden omvat het curriculum de IBCS® Success Training en IBCS® Workshop en afsluitend een online examen. Deze training is stap 1 om IBCS® Certified Consultant te kunnen worden.

IBCS® Success Training

The IBCS® SUCCESS Training is a one-day introduction to IBCS in which the standards for reporting and presentations are presented. Participants will be informed about the use of IBCS in practice by means of before-and-after examples using the SUCCESS formula. Participate now and find out why large companies like SAP and PHILIPS have implemented this standard.

IBCS® Workshop

Participants must first have attended the IBCS® with SUCCESS seminar before they can participate in this in-depth workshop. During the two day workshop, practical examples and assignments will be discussed. With case studies, participants will work on their own to apply the IBCS® standards. The aim of the workshop is to enable participants to apply the IBCS® standards to their own reports and presentations.

IBCS® In-company

Besides the public trainings and workshops it is also possible to provide training within your company. An IBCS® In-company training covers the same topics as the SUCCESS and/or the two-day workshop. An in-company training is more cost effective if several employees need to be trained. Because it is given on location, you save on travel costs and time, as location facilities. If necessary, the training can be adapted to the issues of your company, where the current reports are compared with the IBCS standards, making the added value of IBCS for your company immediately clear.

In addition, coaching and consultancy programs are possible, as well as IBCS® awareness sessions. Short informative sessions in which the concept is explained to larger groups.

ROKS Masterclass & GAMED

Why a ROKS Masterclass or GAMED Workshop?

ROKS, GAMED and IBCS go hand in hand. Whereas IBCS focuses on effective and efficient reporting so that the message is communicated clearly and unambiguously, the ROKS concept focuses on which KPIs are really important for your own organisation. And GAMED focuses on goals and rewards that are in turn linked to KPIs.

Door te richten op die KPIs die relevant zijn en bijdragen aan uw bedrijfsdoelstellingen is het duidelijk welke KPIs in een rapport of een dashboard moeten komen en welke niet. En daarbij ook de juiste doelen en beloningen eraan gekoppeld.

ROKS Masterclass

The ROKS Masterclass gives you tools to shape strategic goals into practical and effective KPIs. Case studies are covered in the workshop, in specially created manuals and assignments. This day focuses on a session from 'Result Orientated KPI System' (ROKS) to KPI selection and design. The session will cover all seven parts of the method (from Strategy to KPI Go-live).

The masterclass can also be provided internally. As well as the other ROKS belt training courses. If you want more information, please contact us.


GAMED Workshop

What is the effect when you set goals to KPI's and especially when you link rewards to these? In this workshop Bernie Smith takes you through what can go wrong, but also offers tools to prevent and improve.