Purpose of the Training

The main goal of the training is to present a universal design of standards for (management) reports, dashboards, and (oral) presentations to enable successful reporting and presenting. The intention of both forms of communication is to convey knowledge. This exchange of information is successful when the readers' or listeners' questions are answered.

This training addresses how information should be conveyed and does not delve into specific content for reports or presentations. Numerous real-life before-and-after examples are discussed.


The IBCS SUCCESS Training is a one-day introduction to IBCS, presenting standards for reporting and presentations. Participants will be familiarized with the use of IBCS in practice through before-and-after examples, following the SUCCESS formula. Join now to discover why major companies like SAP and PHILIPS have implemented this standard.

IBCS® Workshop

Participants must first attend the IBCS with SUCCESS training before joining this in-depth workshop. Over the two-day workshop, practical examples and assignments will be covered. Through case studies, participants will apply IBCS standards themselves. The workshop aims to empower participants to apply IBCS standards to their own reports and presentations.

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