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JUGO consists of many colors! With passion, JUGO advises, implements and supports in the field of Business Intelligence. Respect, honesty, openness and trust in each other are the core values our consultants stand for. They feel connected to your organization and will work passionately to find the best and most manageable solution.

Reliable, independent and professional

Driving our business with passion

Our vision and focus

JUGO has been active in the field of Business Intelligence since 2004, using the software of SAP, Business Objects, Qlik and PowerBI. We mainly see new opportunities and challenges. However, we do not allow ourselves to be dictated by technology. We are constantly looking for the added value for our clients, whereby technology is a tool and not a guiding principle.

JUGO focusses on the following three topics:

3 topics that we find important

1. Personal development

Consultancy is primarily people work. Not only knowledge development is important, but personal development as well. It is important that we choose to stay close to our own core (values) and to develop this further, so that someone stays in their strength and shines.

2. understanding the right data easily

JUGO helps your organization with quick access to the right data. More importantly, we ensure that you can easily understand and use this data, by means of data visualizations. The world of Business Intelligence is constantly changing, so this is crucial for the decision-making process within your company!

3. Investment in knowledge development

New (technological) developments lead to certain changes, for your organization as well. JUGO therefore invests continually in its employees to keep them up-to-date. In addition to a personal development plan, we share our knowledge during focus groups and knowledge days at the office. This helps our consultants develop a critical and no-nonsense attitude towards Business Intelligence


Our team

Ronals small res

Ronald van Lent
Managing Director

“JUGO is unique, JUGO is passion for BI. I wouldn't call JUGO a company in the classic sense. Due to an open and honest character, there is plenty of room for personal development. Everyone fills this in, in their own way. The way in which we interact with each other, we also do with our customers. Customer intimacy and integrity are synonymous with JUGO: identifying with the customer and working together towards a real sustainable solution. ”

Erik Admiraal

BI consultant

Erik Campagne


Vânia Alves Figueiredo

BI consultant

Paul Castermans

BI consultant

Christian van Bracht

BI consultant

Paul Boekhoorn

BI consultant

Ronald van Lent

Managing Director

Hilde Lavrijsen

BI consultant

Wouter Mertens

BI consultant

Anouk Tiebosch

Office & Account manager

Jesse Peerboom

BI consultant

Henk van der Haar

BI consultant

Réka Vilikó

BI consultant

Moegi Sabarudin


Eddy de Maeyer

Consultant partner

Tim Groenen

BI consultant

Kevin Engelen

BI consultant

Jos van Sleuwen

BI consultant

Theo van Dijk

BI consultant

Mohamed Abouyakob

BI consultant

Working in an enthusiastic team?

Do you want to work in an enthusiastic team who share their Business Intelligence knowledge and skills with passion for our clients? From our office in the heart of 's-Hertogenbosch we help you find your passion for BI. We want to grow and you can develop. So, do you have affinity with IT, strong analytical skills and good communication skills? Then come and meet us!

Neem het hef in eigen handen en solliciteer op openstaande vacatures of stuur een open sollicitatie.

JUGO has an informal atmosphere and we find it important that you can be yourself. We give you the space to grow in your profession, as a consultant and as a person. JUGO considers responsibility and showing initiative to be key criteria.

Acquisition by intermediaries will not be honored.

“The best results are achieved by addressing the passion of our customers.

SAP Business Intelligence Consultant
We komen graag met je in contact als je een SAP BI consultant (jr/med/sr, v/m) bent of wilt worden. HANA kennis/ervaring is een pré, maar geen must.
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Wij dagen jou uit! Heb jij net je hbo/wo-diploma binnengesleept? Ben je klaar voor de eerste stappen in een duurzame carrière? Maak kennis met de wereld van Business Intelligence! Doorloop onze BI-Academy  en ontwikkel je tot de nieuwe Business Intelligence specialist. Lees hieronder verder wat de BI-Academy inhoudt.
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“JUGO goes GREEN” is one of our themes linked to our corporate vision. We want to contribute in our own way to making our living environment more sustainable, with the ultimate aim of working at least CO2 neutral. We achieve this by on the one hand a reduction in CO2 by combined travel with electric car and public transport, as well as making our monumental office more sustainable. And on the other hand to compensate by participating in green projects.