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Business Intelligence is constantly changing. Technological developments follow each other in rapid succession, data volumes grow explosively and today's knowledge may be outdated tomorrow. Fast access to the right data and understanding it easily is therefore crucial to an organization's decision-making process.

client intimacy is more than a promise


3 knowledge groups

1. Datawarehousing

Data warehousing is more than just data storage. Through well thought-out use of data modeling and architecture guidelines, data from various systems is collected and made available for reporting and analysis purposes. A good data model is reusable and can be expanded.


  • SAP BW
  • SAP native HANA


2. Reporting & data visualisation

For building management reports and dashboards we use the ROKS© and IBCS© concept. Either report on the right KPI's and with the right message.

In addition to developing management reports and dashboards using various reporting tools, JUGO also supports the embedding of the IBCS© concept through training, coaching, package selection and drawing up a notation standard.

  • IBCS
  • ROKS
  • SAP Lumira – Analytics Cloud – BO
  • QlikView & Sense
  • PowerBI

3. Data analytics

In addition to data warehousing, we are also engaged in analytics. Think of datalake solutions combined with data warehousing, reporting & visualization. 

  • SAP HANA – Analytics Cloud
  • Hadoop – Kudu – Spark – Impala
  • R – Python

Combination of
implementation and management

In our vision, it is not either...or, but and...and. Good controllable solutions start with a correct implementation. And by bringing management experience into the implementation process, the quality of the design increases. A vicious circle. At JUGO we therefore do not make an organizational distinction between implementation consultants and administrators. We work together from 1 team for our clients for the best (management) results.

High-end consultancy met veel Passie en een no-nonsense aanpak


Good advice is only possible with the right knowledge. JUGO attaches great value to knowledge development and invests a lot in it. Over the years we have come across interesting courses and trainers. Because we not only build up knowledge internally, but also share it, we also offer these courses.

Managed services

Managed services is customization. It depends on the organization, installed base and budget. Whether it concerns incidental support by means of tickets or continuous support, the management must be of added value.
JUGO offers both on premise support and local-shoring.

De voordelen
Short communication lines. No umpteenth line helpdesk with us. You immediately get an expert on the line who thinks along with you and takes responsibility for the solution.
JUGO works with customer core teams. Client core teams know the organization, systems and procedures. And the client organization knows their core team.
Competitive price per activity even compared to off-shoring. By doing the right thing faster, we are simply cheaper.
JUGO does not work for, but together with their clients. That is why we are proactive and not reactive.


"Local-shoring" is the new alternative to off-shoring. Off-shoring often leads to longer and more difficult lines of communication. This leads to delays and less quality. Local-shoring combats this. Highly qualified consultants offer direct assistance, from the Netherlands. This way, we understand each other better and, if necessary, we can often be on location within an hour.

On premise

JUGO blijft na de implementatie vaak nog betrokken. Zo ondersteunen onze consultants in de beheerorganisatie van het dagelijkse gebruik van de systemen. Deze ondersteuning varieert naar de behoefte van de klant. Van het monitoren van dataloads vanuit bronsystemen tot incident afhandeling en kleine wijzigingen.

Young professionals

JUGO is Partner in Education at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences - ICT in Eindhoven and also cooperates with other colleges such as Avans and the HvA. In addition to support in the curriculum, JUGO also provides guest lectures and offers final-year students the opportunity to graduate. This is done through internal assignments or in cooperation with our clients. Afterwards, we also offer students a starter position in which they first go through our BI academy, before they become available for an assignment. 

Want to know more about the increased value of Young Professionals in your organization?

With its high level of seniority, JUGO is like no other able to guide young professionals in the consultancy profession.

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