IBCS® Workshops 2020:

24 & 25 SeptemberEnglish 🇬🇧

Supplementary two-day workshop on the practical application of the IBCS® SUCCESS formula. Deepening the 98 conceptual, perceptual, and semantic rules for easier creation and better understanding of reports and presentations. With numerous practical examples and exercises. Participants can take part in a subsequent test to earn the ‘IBCS® Certified Analyst’ certificate.

More information and many examples You will find extensive information and many examples of how this works in practice at www.ibcs.com.

Why attend?

The workshop aims in applying the IBCS® SUCCESS formula based on business cases and really going hands-on. The workshop is analogue, which means that no software is being used. This leads to a better understanding in applying the rules.

After the workshop you can take an online exam for getting the certificate IBCS® Certified Analyst. By passing the playground test you meet one of the preconditions for attending the Certification Course for IBCS® Certified Consultants. 


The main objective of this workshop is enabling the participants in applying the SUCCESS formula of IBCS® to their own reports and presentations.


Participants of this workshop have already attended the introductory IBCS® with SUCCESS training.

Workshop bundle

Participants booking the IBCS® with SUCCESS training in an bundle with the two-day IBCS® workshop benefit from a reduced package price. Please contact us for pricing details.



Ronald van Lent heeft succesvol de IBCS® certification for successful design of reports and presentations afgerond bij het HICHERT+FAISST IBCS Institute in mei 2015 en werkt als IBCS® Certified Trainer.


Day 1

08:30 Reception and distribution of materials 

09:00 Introduction

  • Summary of the one-day ‘IBCS® with SUCCESS’ training
  • Objective and overview of the two workshop days  

09:45 Convey a message (SAY)

  • Elaboration of rules for building storylines, using appropriate wording, and highlighting messages
  • Individual exercise on wording

11:00 Organize content (STRUCTURE)

  • Elaboration of rules for consistent, mutually exclusive, and collectively exhaustive structuring
  • Group exercise on the improvement of poorly structured text

13:30 Choose proper visualization (EXPRESS)

  • Elaboration of rules for the proper choice of chart and table types
  • Group exercise with case studies

15:30 Avoid clutter (SIMPLIFY)

  • Elaboration of rules for a cleaner layout
  • Individual exercises on removing clutter from charts and tables

16:15 Increase information density (CONDENSE)

  • Elaboration of rules for adding data and elements to charts and tables as well as objects to screens and pages
  • Group exercise with case studies

17:00 End of day 1

Day 2

09:00 Ensure visual integrity (CHECK)

  • Elaboration of rules for avoiding misperceptions, in particular wrong scaling
  • Discussion on proper scaling for typical practical challenges

11:00 Apply semantic notation (UNIFY)

  • Elaboration of rules for a consistent semantic notation
  • Exercise: Collaborative design of an IBCS® compliant char

12:00 Development of a corporate notation manual

  • Elaboration of the necessity and the contents of a corporate notation manual
  • Example: The HICHERT+FAISST IBCS® Notation Manual

13:30 Case studies

  • Group exercises: Design of report pages supporting given messages
  • Presentation of the results

16:00 Enabling corporate adoption of the IBCS® Standards

  • Elaboration of the requirements for corporate adoption
  • Summary and outlook

17:00 End of workshop


Email info@JUGO.nl
Location JUGO vof, Halvemaanstraat 7, 5211 VV ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Attendance Fee

The attendance fee is EUR 1,985 per person, plus VAT. The fee includes seminar materials, lunch, snacks during breaks, and refreshments.


After submitting your registration form, you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice. Participation at the event requires payment in full prior to the event.


Should you be unable to attend, you are entitled to appoint a replacement guest at no additional cost. Cancellation up to thirty days before the start of the event is free of charge, but must be in writing. For later cancellations or for failing to attend the event, the participation fee remains payable in its entirety.

The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the content of the programme and to cancel the event for urgent reasons. In the event of cancellation, any attendance fees paid will be reimbursed. Other costs to participants associated with the cancellation of an event by the organiser will not be reimbursed.


All personal information will be treated in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. Personal information will be stored electronically for purposes of service provision Please send inquiries via email: info@JUGO.nl

24 & 25 September (English)