IBCS Dutch User Group roundtable

Yesterday we had the first IBCS Dutch user group roundtable. A successful session with different companies who are using IBCS, like Philips and PostNL. This roundtable we had the following agenda:

  • Highlights from the IBCS Congress 2018
  • Philips journey towards IBCS
  • The scientific impact of the Success rules regarding the improvement of perception
  • Round table discussion


Highlights form IBCS Congress 2018

Mohammed Abouyakob from JUGO was present at the IBCS Annual Congress in Londen on the 8th of June. He gave an update of the topics discussed at the congress to update everyone on the status and developments of IBCS.


The Philips journey towards IBCS

Daniel Doorduin from Philips gave a presentation about their journey towards IBCS. He shared interesting lessons learned, advantages of IBCS and his thoughts about were IBCS can still improve. It is nice to share thoughts about the implementation of IBCS, so companies can learn from each other.

The scientific impact of the Success rules regarding the improvement of perception

Ronald van Lent from JUGO and IBCS trainer gave a presentation about affective (less errors) and efficient (faster) perception of information based on scientific research of different universities. Though several factor influence the cognitive load and therefor the speed of consuming information and make correct decisions. Standardization was tested as of significance.

Round table discussion

Everyone was enthusiastic about the first roundtable and we are planning more roundtables. There will be one IBCS user group roundtable each quarter. They will be held at different company locations. We discussed topics for the next sessions and have a lot of nice topics like:

  • Implementation scenarios
  • Practical challenges
  • Enhancing IBCS awareness in the Netherlands
  • Best Practices
  • IBCS software updates
  • Input for the next IBCS congress


So overall, it was a good first session. Every quarter there will be an IBCS user group roundtable with nice topics and interesting discussion. These sessions will improve the use of IBCS in your own company. So if you are interested make sure you are at the next roundtable session.