Extract leading- and non-leading ledgers to SAP BW on HANA


Dear readers,

The last months I was not only busy with SAP and Business Intelligence but also with the born our son, since 27th of June 2017 I became a father :-). Next to this great news, I want to update you about “how to extract the non-leading ledgers to SAP BW on HANA“. This year I started as a consultant in a project were Finance is a large part of the project. This blogpost will explain you how to extract the FI leading ledger and the non-leading ledgers.

What are leading and non-leading ledgers (source: SAP):

Leading Ledger

The leading ledger is based on the same accounting principle as that of the consolidated financial statements.

This leading ledger is integrated with all subsidiary ledgers and is updated in all company codes. This means that it is automatically assigned to all company codes.
In each company code, the leading ledger receives exactly the same settings that apply to that company code: the currencies, the fiscal year variant, and the variant of the posting periods. You can define a second and third parallel currency for your leading ledger for each company code.

Non-leading Ledger

The non-leading ledgers are parallel ledgers to the leading ledger. They can be based on a local accounting principle, for example. You have to activate a non-leading ledger for the individual company codes.

Non leading ledgers can have different fiscal year variants and different posting period variants per company code to the leading ledger of this company code. The second and third currency of the non-leading ledger must be a currency that is managed as second or third currency in the respective company code. However, you do not have to have a second and third currency in the parallel ledgers; these are optional. Alternative currencies are not possible.


How to extract these ledgers to SAP BW on HANA:

The leading ledger can be extracted via a business content delivered datasource 0FI_GL_14 (General Ledger (New): Line Items Leading Ledger). You only need to activate the datasource and extraction is immediately possible. But for non-leading you need to generate the datasources in ECC via transaction FAGLBW03. The generated extractors will get a automatically generated name by the system, like 3FI_GL_xx_SI or 3FI_GL_xx_TT.
– The xx contains the ledger name
– SI is based on FAGLFLEXA table (General Ledger: Actual Line Items)
– TT is based on FAGLFLEXT table (General Ledger: Totals)

If you open transaction FAGLBW03, you’ll see the ledgers that are available in the system:

But….in my case I didn’t saw all the ledgers that I expected :-(. No worries! Via the maintenance view (transaction SM30), you can open view V_FAGL_T881. If you miss a ledger that is not visible in transction FAGLBW03, you can add a new entry in the maintenance view. After restarting the transaction FAGLBW03 you’ll see the new ledger.

If you double click on the red icon, a popup will be displayed. Here you can enter the datasource name and if the datasource must be delta enabled:

If you confirm this screen, the datasource will be created and visible in transaction RSA6. From here you can continue extracting the data towards SAP BW on HANA.

Hope this post will help you to extract the leading- and non-leading ledgers from Finance new GL.