28 juni 2019

The “insights” of SAC Smart Discovery unraveled!

Wouldn’t it be great, having a tool ready to conduct our hard searches for correlations and coming up with the brightest insights available? Well SAP states that the Smart Discovery add on of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is such an innovation. But is it really like that? Does it really come up with the analyses outcomes nobody would come up with? And are those analyses actually of a high quality? I was really happy to put that to the test. […]
11 november 2018


Afgelopen week heeft de roadshow “Getting results with effective results and dashboards”, met sprekers Bernie Smith, Jürgen Faisst en Ralph Ginzinger volle zalen getrokken in Amsterdam, Zurich en London. Wij zijn blij te horen dat onze genodigden het event hebben gewaardeerd en nieuwe waardevolle inzichten hebben opgedaan. We zijn trots om partner te zijn van www.truechart.com. En kijken uit naar de verdere samerwerking met Ralph Ginzinger, Stefan Utermark en hun team. Met deze partnership zijn we in staat een volledige […]
2 juli 2018

Effective and efficient perception of information

In my previous blog In my previous blog “The Economic Benefits of Information Standardization” I have made a comparison between standardization within industries, like production processes, and the creation of management reports and dashboards. Where standardisation will lead to a reduced cost of ownership. no-repeat;left top;; auto fadeIn In this blog I focus on the other side of the spectrum In this blog I focus on the other side of the spectrum; the information consumer aka the decision maker. The […]
26 juni 2018

Is it possible to create a dashboard using Analysis for Office?

Analysis for Office is a powerfull add-in Analysis for Office is a powerful add-in to Microsoft Excel, it enables a direct connection to your SAP BW or SAP HANA system. As a reporting tool Analysis for Office can be very useful, but is it possible to create a dashboard in Excel using Analysis for Office? Users need to be experts in how to use Analysis for Office to create the reports they need. But you want to provide your users […]