28 juni 2019

The “insights” of SAC Smart Discovery unraveled!

Wouldn’t it be great, having a tool ready to conduct our hard searches for correlations and coming up with the brightest insights available? Well SAP states that the Smart Discovery add on of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is such an innovation. But is it really like that? Does it really come up with the analyses outcomes nobody would come up with? And are those analyses actually of a high quality? I was really happy to put that to the test. […]
31 mei 2018

The essence of IBCS visualization standards in Data Science.

Do we really need standards, even in Data Science? That is the first question arising when addressing the topic of Data Science. Why should we apply standards like IBCS? Why is it necessary, when the developer and yourself understand the report? That is all it should do, right? Well maybe, when you are the only one using the report, but even then: when you leave the company/position then it takes a lot of time to understand the reports created on […]
14 maart 2017

BO Cloud, soon to be SAP’s 1st IBCS-certified tool: right?

How to: make a “semi IBCS-proof” report in BusinessObjects Cloud Since I can remember, I am the analyzing type. The type of person observing situations. So when I got assigned to research the topic of BusinessObjects Cloud (BO Cloud), a new Analytics-tool of SAP, I was a real happy girl. I did a deep dive into the possibilities of this tool and analyzed the data of a potential client. Observed the data, adjusted it where needed and visualized it all […]