JUGO offers training courses in the field of IBCS and SAP BW. These trainings are provided by certified consultants with many years of experience in practice. This way, our training consultants like no other are able to communicate knowledge optimally.


The IBCS® SUCCESS Seminar is a one-day introduction to IBCS in which the standards for reports and presentations are presented. Participants will be informed of the use of IBCS in practice using examples from the SUCCESS formula by means of before-and-after examples. Take part now and find out why large companies such as SAP and PHILIPS have implemented this standard.

IBCS® inhouse workshop

An IBCS® Inhouse workshop deals with the same topics as the SUCCESS Seminar. This seminar is held within your company and can be attended by your employees. The in-house seminar is more advantageous if a large group of employees wants to participate in the seminar. Because it is given on location, you save on travel time and travel costs. The seminar is adapted to the issues of your company. The current reports are compared with the IBCS standards, so that the added value of IBCS for your company becomes clear.

IBCS® Workshop

An IBCS® Workshop is a two-day training course on the application of the IBCS® SUCCESS formula. Participants must have followed the IBCS® with SUCCESS seminar before they can participate in this in-depth workshop. During the two day workshop, practical examples and assignments are discussed. With case studies, participants start working on the IBCS ® standards themselves. The aim of the workshop is to enable the participants to apply the IBCS® standards to their own reports and presentations.

ROKS KPI Masterclass

The KPI masterclass provides a structured approach to shape strategic goals to practical and effective KPI’s. In this workshop case studies will be used in combination with workshop guides and assignments
This day focuses on a session starting from ‘Result Orientated KPI System’ (ROKS) to KPI selection and design. The session will cover all seven parts of this method (from Strategy to KPI Go-Live).

YellowBelt KPI Training and Certification

A one-day session applying the unique and powerful KPI design method, the ‘Results Orientated KPI System’ (ROKS) to KPI selection and design. The session covers all seven steps of the method (from Strategy to KPI Go-live). Each step is introduced, illustrated with real-world stories and anecdotes and supplemented with case studies and exercises.