SUCCESS – IBCS® Training 2020 📅:

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Successful business communication is based on binding rules. Creativity is not what is required here, neither in verbal expression nor in visual design. Instead, it is a matter of consistent standardization and reduction to the essential, namely adhering to the seven areas of standardization in HICHERT®SUCCESS:

  • SAY: Convey a message
  • UNIFY: Apply notation standards
  • CONDENSE: Increase information density
  • CHECK: Ensure visual integrity
  • EXPRESS: Choose proper visualization
  • SIMPLIFY: Avoid clutter
  • STRUCTURE: Organize content

You will find extensive information and many examples of how this works in practice at

Why attend?

Attending this training will help you significantly improve your reporting:
Quality: Improved reporting quality standards means reports and presentations that are much easier to understand, that deliver clearer information, and ultimately lead to better decisions.
Reaction time: Reduced reaction times add value to the overall decision-making process. The delivery time of new reports and presentations will be shorter, business analysts can answer questions more quickly, and executives can take decisions faster and drive action. 
Cost: Standardised, reusable report templates save time and cost for analysts and administrators.

Training Objective

The main objective of the training is to present universal design standards for (written) reports and (verbal) presentations that will help participants report and present more effectively. The intent of both forms of communication is to impart knowledge. This exchange of information is most successful when the current concerns of the audience are clearly and succinctly addressed.

This training focusses on the presentation of information, not the content, as it is assumed that participants are already familiar with their content. There will be numerous before-and-after examples taken from actual practice.



Ronald van Lent has successfully completed the IBCS® certification for successful design of reports and presentations at the HICHERT+FAISST IBCS Institute in May 2015 and serves as IBCS® Certified Trainer.


8:30 a.m. Reception and distribution of materials

9:00 a.m. The basics of business communication

  • Management reports: Reports should have something interesting to report
  • Presentations: The PowerPoint culture must be questioned
  • SUCCESS: Successful implementation of the IBCS® Standards

9:45 a.m. SAY: Convey a message

  • Focus on the message
  • Detect, explain, or suggest
  • Substantiate message

10:30 a.m. Break

11:00 a.m. STRUCTURE: Organize content

  • Use homogeneous, non-
  • Gebruik homogene, niet-overlopende en uitputtende 
  • Bouw hiërarchische structuren 
  • Toon logische structuur

11:45 a.m. EXPRESS: Choose proper visualization

  • Use correct chart type
  • Add comparisons and variances
  • Explain causes

12:30 p.m. Lunch break

1:30 p.m. SIMPLIFY: Avoid clutter

  • Avoid noise
  • Avoid redundancies
  • Replace with cleaner layout

2:00 p.m. CONDENSE: Increase information density

  • Utilize space
  • Add data
  • Add report elements

2:45 p.m. Break

3:15 p.m. CHECK: Ensure visual integrity

  • Avoid manipulated axes
  • Avoid misleading representations
  • Use the same scales

4:00 p.m. UNIFY: Apply notation standard

  • Unify terminology
  • Apply IBCS® Notation to report elements
  • Unify analyses

4:45 p.m. Summary

  • Significant results
  • Practical application
  • Next steps

5:00 p.m. End of the training


Location JUGO vof, Halvemaanstraat 7, 5211 VV ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Attendance Fee

The attendance fee is EUR 1,050 per person, plus VAT. The fee includes seminar materials, lunch, snacks during breaks, and refreshments.


After submitting your registration form, you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice. Participation at the event requires payment in full prior to the event.


Should you be unable to attend, you are entitled to appoint a replacement guest at no additional cost. Cancellation up to thirty days before the start of the event is free of charge, but must be in writing. For later cancellations or for failing to attend the event, the participation fee remains payable in its entirety.

The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the content of the programme and to cancel the event for urgent reasons. In the event of cancellation, any attendance fees paid will be reimbursed. Other costs to participants associated with the cancellation of an event by the organiser will not be reimbursed.


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