BIJUGOUS Foundation

BIJUGOUS is derived from English. It is a feather-shaped leaf shape that occurs among others in the ash. According to Norwegian mythology, the ash is the holiest tree of trees. He is called Yggdrasil, the tree of life … but no tree can reach full maturity without good conditions.

However, BIJUGOUS can also be dissected and then comes to a core that has to do with the foundation of the foundation: BI-JUGO-US, or Business Intelligence, JUGO and “we / together”. JUGO has a culture with mutual respect and trust, where there is room to develop and develop together with passion (for BI) and pleasure.

“No matter where life takes you, never forget where you came from”

The foundation focuses on local young people, aged 12-18 years, who are excluded outside their own will and are therefore limited in their development and have difficulty in coming into their own strength. These are young people whose personal development is inhibited, stagnated, decreases or even endangered by the lack of (financial) resources in the field of education and sports & games, or where personal well-being is at stake.

Initially the foundation itself develops initiatives that focus on this group of young people, in which the target group itself also plays an active role. Or it will support (third-party) initiatives from third parties that pursue the same goal.