As a sparring partner and consultant, the JUGO consultant is close to the customer. Because of the specialization and customer focus, the wishes of the customer are being anticipated. We listen to the wishes and respond to them based on our knowledge. The JUGO consultant with his experience, knowledge and skills will be able to form the right track and perform in a team. In addition to data warehousing, data visualizations are also being developed, often on the basis of the IBCS concept.

Datawarehousing consultancy

Datawarehouse & ETL

JUGO has years of experience in developing and implementing data warehouse solutions based on SAP tooling. We mainly work on the SAP BW and SAP HANA platform to implement these implementations.

We do not only implement full (green field) implementations, but also smaller projects such as subprojects and redesigns. You also often see the consultants in the role of sparring partner for the customer, in which JUGO plays a key role and promotes the interests of its client.

Data Visualization

Datavisualisatie consultancy

How readable are the reports that you work with on a daily basis? And how does this influence your final strategic decisions, with all the associated risks for your organization?

The amount of information available grows daily, but the turnaround time for making decisions becomes shorter and shorter. Despite the use of data visualizations, most reports and presentations lack the underlying message. Also, the visual representations are not uniform across the reports, so it still takes a lot of time to fathom a report.

IBCS as a concept for organizations

IBCS -International Business Communication Standards- is a unique data visualization concept, in which in addition to visual, also the semantic and conceptual rules are laid down for the provision of management information. It is precisely this combination that makes it suitable to be adopted by organizations as opposed to just a data visualization concept.

As the only IBCS-certified company in the Benelux, we use various supporting tools to display the data in the right way. Think for example of SAP Business Objects Design Studio & Cloud, MS Excel or Qlik.

IBCS has already been adopted by several large (international) organizations and has proven its added value, such as: Philips, SAP, Deutsche Telekom, Credit Suisse, International Card Services, Coca Cola, etc.