JUGO helps your company with business intelligence

JUGO advises, implements and supports in the field of Business Intelligence; data warehousing, reporting, planning & data analytics. We are your partners! Our consultants work with great passion and feel connected to your organization from day one. That is why we are proud of the solutions we realize and manage for our clients.

In addition, we provide valuable trainings and workshops, with an eye on getting more value out of data.

Driving your business with passion

Wat kan JUGO voor u betekenen?


Whether it concerns an overall project or the provision of individual expertise, the JUGO consultant will use his experience and knowledge to form and execute the right project as a team. Besides data warehousing, reporting & dashboarding and data analytics, we also offer IBCS® consultancy.


We offer trainings and workshops in the field of IBCS®, ROKS® and PowerBI. These Training and workshops are provided by certified trainers.

Managed service

JUGO is not only a BI-implementation partner, but also relieves its clients with proactive management. Simply from the Netherlands with our local-shoring-approach; affordable and high quality.

Direct contact

Kom op bezoek bij ons kantoor in hartje Den Bosch voor een kopje koffie en een echte Bossche Bol.

who are we?

JUGO is de expert en adviseur voor haar opdrachtgevers.

We specialize in Business Intelligence based on software solutions from SAP, Business Objects, Qlik and PowerBI. We take care of implementation projects as well as application management in the field of (in-memory) data warehousing and apply data visualization according to the IBCS® concept.

What JUGO does for your organisation

  • Collecting, assessing and processing your data 
  • Setting up and updating your data warehouse 
  • Performing complex data-analyses 
  • Opstellen van rapportages voor het management 
  • Creating data visualizations 
  • Advising management

What is Business Intelligence?

The term "Business Intelligence" is derived from the development that companies have more and more information about both their internal activities and external trends. This intelligent way of working enables organizations to move from reactive to proactive.

Many companies today have a lot of data stored. Business Intelligence ensures that all of an organization's data becomes available. By first collecting it, organizing it and then arranging it. Finally comes the most important step: presenting it. With data visualizations we give the client quick and transparent insight into the available data. This way, decisions are made solely on facts instead of intuition. 

More and more processes are being automated and with that more process data is being generated. This combined with data coming from machines (IoT) and from external sources, makes it more complex to have the right data available at the right time. That's why JUGO is working with this data. Our consultants are the data experts!

Business Intelligence in a nuttshell

collecting data
The more data available, the better. It is generated in multiple places and stored in source systems. The challenge is to unlock this data to a data warehouse environment or a data lake.
Not all data is useful. Factors such as timeliness and relevance play an important role, but above all quality.
A lot of data belongs together and so can be in the same category. This makes transferring to step 4 a whole lot easier.
Now it still has to become clear and understandable to the customer. With different tooling, data is presented to the client.


IBCS -International Business Communication Standards- is a unique data visualization concept, in which in addition to the familiar visual and conceptual rules, also semantic rules are proposed for delivering uniform and transparent management information and it is a concept that is supported by software solutions. Precisely this combination makes it suitable to be adopted by organizations as opposed to just a visual concept. 

JUGO, as an IBCS-certified company in the Benelux with certified consultants and trainer, uses various supporting tools to display the data in this way. Think for example of SAP Lumira Designer & Analytics Cloud (SAC), PowerBI and/or Qlik.

JUGO is the enige in de Benelux een door IBCS gecertificeerde provider.

First following trainings

JUGO provides various training courses. IBCS® training and workshop, ROKS Yellowbelt KPI. Let our "International Business Communication Standard" (IBCS®) trainer explain why large companies like SAP and PHILIPS work with this SUCCESS formula, waarom grote bedrijven als SAP, KPN en PHILIPS met deze SUCCESS-formule werken,

IBCS Courses

IBCS® Certified Analyst

02 December 2022
Bundle of SUCCESS training and the workshop at reduced price.

IBCS | Solid, outlined, hatched

30 September 2034
Learn the whys and wherefores of the consistent IBCS reporting format and learn how to apply it to your charts and tables. For managers, analysts and dashboard designers.
Other courses